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Reproduction of Pieta A Minagar 2 14 2021


A Minagar

United States

Born in 1965

Joined Artisor: October 2023


Portrait artist trained in the USA and Italy. Portrait oil painter.

Art isn’t merely a representation of an object but a reflection of how I perceive it. It transcends the tangible and ventures into the realm of interpretation, capturing not just the physical essence but the emotions, memories, and stories that the object evokes within me. Each brushstroke, shadow, and hue is a testament to my unique perspective, turning the ordinary into the extraordinary through the lens of my vision.

Having dedicated four decades to the art of portraiture, I have woven a tapestry of stories through the stroke of a brush. Trained in the USA and Italy, my passion for capturing the human essence is palpable in every artwork. With over 400 portraits to my name, each piece is more than just a likeness; it’s a narrative, a silent conversation between the canvas and the viewer. Over the years, I have created a distinctive style, drawing inspiration from the every day and reimagining images and objects with a unique perspective. My paintings aren’t just representations; they are reinterpretations, and in them, one witnesses not just the face of the subject, but the very soul.

Bio Author: Perfect Strokes

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