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How Artisor works

We’ve gotten collecting down to a fine art.

At Artisor, supporting collectors and artists is our passion. We believe that the process of buying art should be as enjoyable as the pleasure of owning it. That’s why we’ve made using the Artisor platform so easy.

Artists, Galleries, and Collectors post their artwork for sale for a small monthly membership fee. Collectors research and buy the pieces they love, either by executing an acquisition on the online platform or through a live auction.

All sales executed on Artisor will create a sale record for the individual artist. Instead of combing the Internet for auction records and writing to galleries with inquiries about the price of an artist, collectors will now be able to find this information quickly and easily by seeing sales executed through our platform. Eventually, this data profile will grow, validating the artist’s market value and providing an evaluation tool for collectors.

How Artisor Works

The Artisor difference

Affordable platform icon

An affordable platform for artists to create an online marketplace to sell their fine art.

Seven Day Icon

Seven-day auctions allow collectors time to conduct due diligence, converse with artists and participate in a live feed.

Market data icon

Sales are recorded and viewable to provide market data and pricing validation.

5% auction fee

Fees are modest. Buyers pay just 5 percent over the hammer price.