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Alexandra Manukyan

United States

Born in 1963

Joined Artisor: April 2024

Artist Stats

Total pieces for sale: 13


Alexandra Manukyan’s artistic journey is a tapestry woven with threads of diverse experiences and passions. Born and nurtured in the rich cultural soil of Armenia, she first honed her artistic skills at Fine Art College before furthering her education at the State Pedagogical University.

However, her path took an unexpected turn upon her immigration to Los Angeles in 1990, leading her to immerse herself in the world of fashion. In pursuit of her creative vision, Alexandra graduated from fashion school, embarking on a remarkable career as a fashion designer that spanned two decades. Alongside her ventures in fashion, she delved into the realm of Graphic Design, expanding her artistic repertoire and exploring new avenues of expression. This journey into graphic design opened doors to the entertainment industry, where Alexandra flourished as a freelance artist, crafting captivating movie posters for esteemed entertainment agencies.

Despite her success in fashion and entertainment, Alexandra’s heart remained tethered to her true passion: fine art. With unwavering determination, she returned to her roots, participating in an array of international and local solo and group exhibitions, gracing the halls of esteemed galleries and museums worldwide. Eventually, she made the courageous decision to bid farewell to the fashion and entertainment industries, dedicating herself entirely to the pursuit of fine art.

Today, Alexandra Manukyan stands as a beacon of inspiration, sharing her wealth of knowledge and expertise with emerging artists from her studio. Infusing her artwork with the technical mastery and boundless creativity cultivated over the years, she paints narratives that resonate deeply with viewers, inviting them into a world where imagination intertwines with reality. Through her evocative creations, Alexandra invites us to contemplate the intricate tapestry of human experience, transcending boundaries and illuminating the profound beauty of existence.

Bio Author: Alexandra Manukyan