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Beau Hague

United States

Born in 1986

Joined Artisor: March 2024

Artist Stats

Total pieces for sale: 15


Beau Hague:

” I found new life in my early thirties with a past time I had all but forgotten about.With inspiration & motivation from a great friend & amazing artist.I then began to explore.To see what I could do.The more I painted, I began to look at the world differently. It became something I knew I would do for the rest of my life.How could I paint that? What colors are truly in the clouds.How shadows & light work….    Patience, acceptance, the ability to overcome obstacles & more that I’ve gained from Art.To truly observe & view, decipher, as visually accurate as possible.The emotion in a face or between things.

                       Art Is a tool.It creates but it also releases.It speaks.It shows. In my art I express both light & dark. The ups & downs of life and the beauty of all of it.

    Women, flowers, skulls,etc. tend to be my main subjects that I see as profound.These are aspects of this life & experience that I find absolutely amazing.Painting has given me the opportunity to learn & grow forever.There is always something to improve.To work on.To portray better.

It is a wonderful gift and I am forever grateful.”

Bio Author: Intuitive Forces