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Camille Engel

United States

Born in 1955

Joined Artisor: February 2024

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Named one of our nation’s “Artist to Watch” by Southwest Art

magazine and Fine Art Connoisseur magazine, Camille Engel is

internationally acclaimed, published, commissioned, and awarded.

Most Engel oil paintings focus on birds, animals and nature,

each revealing a life amazed and captivated by detail. Her

intricate works focus attention upon lush colors, light play, and

texture. Seeking to capture the richness of life, each painting

invites viewers to momentarily step into her world, share in

her joy, and experience the transcendent beauty all around us.

“For me,” Engel explains, “every morning is a fresh opportunity to find extraordinary joy in the most ordinary things.

My art overflows out of this joy.”

A self-taught “late bloomer,” Engel began painting at age 45.

Often told that she “painted wrong,” she came to learn that

her intuitive style is the “indirect painting” technique

practiced by 17th century Dutch masters. Using glazes (thin

transparent washes of paint) allows light to bounce off the

underlying opaque paint to create luminosity. Her layered

glazes and precise perspectives give her paintings an illusion

of depth and three-dimensionality on the flat surface.

Bio Author: I.G.O.R. Show in Scottsdale

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Selected Awards & Recognitions:

BEST TROMPE L’OEIL: 2023 International Guild of Realism

FAVORITE SUBJECTS AWARD: 2020 & 2018 Int’l Artist Magazine

BEST TROMPE L’OEIL: 2020 International Guild of Realism

HONORABLE MENTION: 2020 “Art of the Heartland”

BEST STILL LIFE: 2019 International Artist magazine “Still Life”

COLLECTOR’S CHOICE: 2019 International Guild of Realism

FINALIST Imaginative Realism: 2019 “Art Renewal Salon”

EDITOR’S CHOICE: 2019 Int’l Artist magazine, Int’l Guild of Realism Salon

FINALIST: 2016 Int’l Artist magazine “Florals & Gardens”

1st PLACE: 2016 “Flowers&Gardens2”

OUTSTANDING STILL LIFE: 2015 Women Painters of SE.

BEST WILDLIFE FINALIST: 2014 Int’l Artist Magazine.

ARTIST TO WATCH: 2014 Southwest Art magazine.

3 FINALIST AWARDS: 2012 “Art Renewal Salon Competition.”

PEOPLE’S CHOICE: 2010 CSAE Nationals.

ARTIST TO WATCH: 2010 Fine Art Connoisseur magazine Sept.

BEST OF SHOW: 2007 Artclectic, Nashville, TN.

1ST PLACE: 2007 American Artist magazine Cover Competition.

ARTIST’S CHOICE: 2006 International Guild of Realism, Santa Fe, NM.

Museum Awards:

HONORABLE MENTION: 2014 Gilcrease Museum “Collector’s Reserve.”

PURCHASE AWARD: 2012 TN State Museum.

PEOPLE’S CHOICE: 2008 Gilcrease Museum “American Art in Miniature”


BEST WILDLIFE FINALIST: 2020 International Artist magazine, Feb/Mar

BEST WILDLIFE FINALIST: 2019 “Art Renewal Salon”

BEST WILDLIFE FINALIST: 2018 “Art Renewal Salon”

BEST WILDLIFE: 2018 International Guild of Realism

BEST WILDLIFE FINALIST: 2018 The Artist Magazine, Jan/Feb.

BEST WILDLIFE FINALIST x2: 2015 The Artist Magazine.

BEST WILDLIFE: 2014 International Guild of Realism.

BEST WILDLIFE 4th place: 2014

BEST WILDLIFE: 2013 International. Guild of Realism Exhibition.

BEST WILDLIFE: 2010 International Guild of Realism, Palm Springs, CA.

“Artistic Excellence” Southwest Magazine:

FINALIST: 2019 “Artistic Excellence” Southwest Art magazine.

FINALIST: 2017 “Artistic Excellence” Southwest Art magazine.

FINALIST: 2016 “Artistic Excellence” Southwest Art magazine.

3rd PLACE: 2015 ”Artistic Excellence” Southwest Art magazine.

FINALIST: 2013 “Artistic Excellence” Southwest Art magazine.

No previous artwork sold