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Dustin Guy

United States

Born in 1982

Joined Artisor: September 2023

Artist Stats

Total pieces for sale: 16

Total pieces sold: 1

Highest price piece sold: $275 (Magenta Magic)

Average price per square inch: $1


“God is the teacher, and true artist, I just enjoy taking notes with my paintbrush” -Dustin Guy

Dustin is a self taught artist. Always having interest in art, he first began experimenting with graphite drawings. Later advancing into portrait drawings of individuals, animals, and famous figures. It was here he decided he wanted to further expand his horizon, and after acquiring some paint, he started dabling in color. After time, trial and error, he started developing his painting skills.

He has a wide range of subject matter, but mostly of the outdoors, including landscape, wildlife and western themes, as that is where his background and passion lies. He also enjoys creating art in different styles. From loose and impressionistic, that gives a creative edge and perspective; to more realistic, that you can almost feel yourself in the spot of the painting.

There’s details in his portraits and animals, bringing forth texture and personal characteristics. His landscapes bring out the settings and color. From daylight and natural atmosphere, to the contrasts of the snowcapped mountains, and the pop of magnificent color in the vivid beautiful sunsets. “God is the teacher and true artist, I just enjoy taking notes with my paintbrush” -Dustin Guy.

Dustin first created art for his friends and family, then gaining more attention through social media, and word of mouth. He’s been hired for multiple commissions, also selling originals through small art shows and online platforms. Also acheiving the job of a mural artist and gaining more clientele in the process.  He has been, and still is a featured artist at places like Black And Blues, in Loveland Colorado, selling limited edition prints of his portraits of famous people and musicians.

Now accumulating a diverse portfolio, he is looking to branch out beyond just his loyal Colorado followers.  He is starting his sales price at the lower end to start, to invite art collectors and galleries alike to help achieve this goal.

Bio Author: DustinGuyArt