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Artist Erwin P. Lewandowski


Erwin P. Lewandowski

United States

Born in 1951

Joined Artisor: February 2024


Professional artist Erwin P. Lewandowski maintains a studio/residence along

the shoreline of Lake Huron in Northeast Michigan. He is a graduate of the

Fine Arts Department at Central Michigan University. His second career as

a professional artist began in 2004 following 25 years of business development,

management and co-ownership. 

As an artist he’s managed to fine a comfortable blend of artistic skill, styles of 

artwork, subjects of interest, medium preferences, and a business plan that

includes many of the aspects of the accounting and marketing issues associated

with a fine arts career. Stepping back into the art world after a long absence was

a challenging and humbling experience for him. Learning to adjust to new

ways of marketing art involved hours upon hours of market research.

One of his first major decisions was to start working with a new medium [premium

colored pencils] instead of continuing exclusive use of pigment ink liners and

graphite pencils. A second equally important change occurred with his interest

in creating artwork in three styles: Contemporary Realism, Hyperrealism and the

Abstract in Realism. Using water and land themes, he is able to create stunning

images that focus on particular elements, structures, movements and shapes

found in nature. Artistic license plays a big part of his planning and often involves

taking two or more settings and combining them to create artwork that is

unique in style, meticulously rendered in detail, and visually appealing in form,

content, and composition. 

Lewandowski is an award-winning artist with two very special International Guild

of Realism Best in Drawing awards. He has achieved signature status with 

drawing organizations in Australia, United Kingdom, Canada and United States.

His artwork has been featured in numerous solo and group exhibitions, galleries,

in art publications, on social media and on television. Each year he takes time to write

articles about his work and host drawing workshops. 

Bio Author: I.G.O.R. Show in Scottsdale

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