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Kutzner Janice bio pic


Janice Kutzner

United Kingdom

Born in 1983

Joined Artisor: February 2024

Artist Stats

Total pieces sold: 1

Highest price piece sold: $1,350 (Affection)

Average price per square inch: $5


Janice Kutzner was born in 1983 in Potsdam, Germany. Her father is manager of an institution for adolescents with disabilities. Her mother works in real estate.

When growing up, Janice loved drawing and painting and she has always had a deep affection for animals. After finishing highschool, Janice met her partner in England and consequently moved there.  She studied Interior Design and they had 3 children together.

It wasn’t until the latter part of 2021, that Janice rediscovered her love for art when she was inspired by other artists creating beautiful, realistic portraits in coloured pencils. She started to practice daily, refining her technique of drawing, particularly animals, using first coloured and then pastel pencils. She entered the SAA Artists of the Year 2021 competition and her work ‘Minxy the Kitten’ got awarded the Supporting All Artists Award.

After having posted some of her work on Facebook, Janice started to take on pet portrait commissions. She has built up a lovely following on Social Media and has shipped her work all over the world.

Although she has never had a formal art education, Janice is continuously teaching herself in other aspects of art, learning about different styles, techniques and mediums.

She particularly enjoys the medium of watercolour and a more impressionistic, looser style of painting alongside her highly detailed and realistic pastel works.

Bio Author: I.G.O.R. Show in Scottsdale

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