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Katarzyna Adamiak-Jaśnikowska


Born in 1985

Joined Artisor: June 2023


Katarzyna Adamiak–Jaśnikowska is a contemporary realistic painter who works using the traditional oil technique. In her art she concentrates on the portrait as trying to touch and express an immaterial and spiritual side hidden in the human’s face and look. The artist creates intimate portraits – full of personal and emotional analysis of the portrayed person,  in which light builds a toned mood and is also an important imperative for her.

Katarzyna often takes up the theme of self-portrait. It comes from a strong need of observing herself and changes which occur in her. For the very painter this is a way of looking into her own inner world, saving the life, its fleetingness.  She was finalist in many international competitions like “14th, 15th and 16th Art Renewal Center”. Two of the paintings are represented digitally in The Lunar Codex, which is an international collection of contemporary culture launched onto the moon in three time capsules. She lives and works in Legnica, Poland.

Bio Author: 33PA

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