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Kevin Slaby

United States

Born in 1966

Joined Artisor: February 2024

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Total pieces for sale: 5


Kevin Slaby, a Nebraska-born realism figurative painter, is an artist focusing on the strength and beauty of woman often depicting them in imaginative and surreal scenes. His self-study of the old masters along with some of the best realist artist of today has allowed him to perfect his own techniques and style represented in each piece he paints.

Born in the Midwest USA enabled him to experience all the freedom that a childhood can offer while living the country life. Growing up his primary hobbies related to motorcycle racing and auto-racing but as life changed he later developed a passion for traveling abroad from which these travels an appreciation for collecting art was born.

As his art collection accumulated a second passion to express his artistic side led him down a path experimenting with photography allowing him to conceptualize images more difficult to capture with a camera so the move towards painting was born. From a mixture of photos and imagination, the fine details of his images were now able to find life as the canvas was slowly and meticulously transformed.

His depiction of women focuses on their strength and beauty even while placing the figures in imaginative and surreal scenes. The minute details of the brush strokes give depth and life to his images, impressive enough that in his first international contest all four of his entries made it into the Semi-Finalist round in the 2022 ARC Salon while one entry made it into the Finalists Round in two separate categories.

In early 2023 his painting represented the March cover of The Guide Artists which led to more of his work being showcased a few months later in 365 Art+ magazine.

Early into 2024 he was voted into the International Guild of Realism (IGOR) then juried into their first exhibition of the year located at T.H.Brennen Fine Art, Scottsdale AZ, USA.

Kevin Slaby Residing in Lincoln Nebraska, USA |

Bio Author: I.G.O.R. Show in Scottsdale

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Exhibitions / Accomplishments:
IGOR Juried Exhibition @ T.H.Brennen Fine Art 2024

Cover image for The Guide Artists, March 2023
Showcased 365 Art+ magazine, Case 48 2023

Finalists and Semi-Finalist in the 2022 ARC Salon

2020 Lincoln Artist Guild – Winner of the James Ray Award for realism

2020-Current Representation: Noyes Art Gallery, Lincoln NE

Private Commissions – Lincoln NE

No previous artwork sold