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Resrtelli portrait:studio


Lara Restelli

United States

Born in 1971

Joined Artisor: February 2024

Artist Stats

Total pieces sold: 1

Highest price piece sold: $3,870 (Rocks in a Box "Orange")

Average price per square inch: $9


“There are three remarkable aspects of Lara Restelli’s art, her positive inspiration in depicting the beauty of nature and humanity, which makes her artwork uplifting and inspiring. Her excellent mastership in using oil painting as her media and skillful technique make her realistic art stand out and impress. And finally, her powerful management of feelings, color, and composition results in a contemporary masterpiece that creates original and unique artworks that delight and deeply connect with the viewer.”

Mariavelia Savino, Art Curator

Lara Restelli is a Miami-based artist who has successfully exhibited in many well-established art shows, including a solo show at MIFA Gallery, Superfine Art Fair, Red Dot Miami (during Art Basel Week), Art Palm Beach, ArtsParks Miami, and Loyola School of the Arts Miami. Restelli’s artwork has also found its way into many Miami-based private collectors’ homes and numerous prestigious condominiums in Miami, FL, like Aria on the Bay, Melody, Square Station, Flagler on the River, and

Lara Restelli’s education within the classical European school of realism allows her to create incredibly realistic artwork with a blissfully contemporary perspective. Her dedication to accurately depicting the natural world makes her paintings fascinating to analyze and deconstruct. Viewers often find themselves increasingly drawn into the paintings as they sink further into the multiple levels of detail. This spellbinding effect stems from Lara’s clear evolution in her paintings from simple lines and blocks of colors to very complex and colorfully detailed scenarios drenched in high contrasts that are still artfully balanced.

As one of her clients stated: “It is our favorite piece of art in our home. I love how real it looks. It has become a conversational piece for people who visit our home. No other artwork had generated such attention in the past. Everybody notices her artwork and is immediately drawn to it.” K. Key, Miami, FL.

Artist Biography


Lara Restelli’s journey to the art world did not grow in a straight line. Lara was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1971. Her upbringing was filled with opportunities to be joyful, imaginative, and creative. Spending long summers building fantasies, painting anything she would find, like wood scraps, old tiles, and cardboard, kindled an initial flame that later grew into a roaring passion for the arts. However, her university studies shifted her focus to International Business, for which she obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Buenos Aires. From these early professional years, she developed a successful career that finally brought her to the United States. Moving to the US in 2001 and creating a family of her own, far from everything she knew and loved, made a big void in her life. The remedy to fill that void was weekly art classes, which took her back to those inspiring summer days. Unknowingly, art would be her catalyst to a new life. As weekly art classes turned into years of experimentation, the restrained elegance of classical realism ultimately caught her eye and became her language of choice.

Armed with innate talent and sheer passion, Lara was honored to attend Alberto Pancorbo’s European School of Art, a well-renowned Spanish painter who teaches a classical European approach to art education. “At the Atelier, the old masters from bygone eras became the real teachers, whispering their secrets to students in between the brushstrokes of their most referential masterpieces.” Alberto Pancorbo, in turn, became the mentor, while the students became the apprentices, much like in Renaissance times. In due time, Lara would come to master their technique, which she now applies in her unique way.

The juxtaposition of finessed technique and graceful elegance with Lara’s impactful family life has enabled her to showcase the beauty in everyday moments. Now, she whispers her secrets of serenity, stability, and spirituality through her art that hangs in private residences and graces the halls of well-known condominiums and exhibitions.

Bio Author: I.G.O.R. Show in Scottsdale

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Superfine Art Fair, NY (2022)

“International Day of Friendship” City of Fort Lauderdale City Hall (2022)

“Superfine Art Fair”, Miami (2022)

“The Power of Women & Rocks” Bunbury Miami Art Basel Week (2021)

“Everybody Needs a Rock “ solo Exhibition, MIFA Gallery, FL (2021)

“Against Gravity”, DORCAM & Collection Suites, FL (2019)

“Women of Vision”, DORCAM & City of Doral, FL (2019)

“Red Dot”, Miami Art Basel Week, FL (2018)

“Art Palm Beach”, FL (2018)

“Loyola School of the Arts”, Doral Conservatory, FL (2018)

“Art from our Earth”, ArtsParks Gallery FL (2018)

“Red Dot”, Miami Art Basel Week, FL, (2017)

“Art at the Park” shops at the Merrick Park, FL (2016)

“Artreageous Gallery”, FL (2016)

“Expo 33” B.J. Spoke Gallery, NY (2014)

“”, a Xavier Cortada’s Project, FL (2012)

“Blue & Green Diamond Art Night”, FL (2011)

“Affordable Truth”, Dot 51, FL (2010)

“The Schacknow Museum of Fine Arts”, FL (2008)



The Miami Beach Team Realty, Miami, FL Leslie Hotel, Miami FL
Aria on the Bay, Miami, FL
L & R Structure, Miami, FL

Art Plaza, Miami, FL
Mirage, Miami, FL
Melody, Miami, FL
Melo Corporation, Miami , FL Square Station, Miami , FL Flagler on the River, Miami, FL Ski view, Miami , FL

25 Biscayne Park, Miami, FL

The Herrera family, Miami FL
The Key family, Miami FL
The Ferreira de Melo family, Miami FL The Garces family, Miami, FL
The Lambrech family, Miami , FL
The Correa family, Miami, FL
The Aguilar family, Miami, FL
The Rodriguez family, Miami, FL

The Gaubeka family, Miami, FL