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LaurineMalengreau portrait BDok©PhilippeLaurençon


Laurine Malengreau


Born in 1980

Joined Artisor: October 2023

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Laurine Malengreau expresses her passion for life covering walls with exceptionnal textile artworks. Her training with painters since childhood has made her aware of the beauty of the world and the importance of artistic fluidity. A keen awareness of her impact on the environment has led her to play with a palette of natural, luxurious materials, such as silk chiffon and merino wool. Inspired by the residences of the Enlightenment Era, the turbulent landscapes of the Romantic painters, or the precision of the hypnotic solid colours of abstraction, she creates strong and unique artworks with dreamlike accents.

‘‘Working with colours is, for me, an inner vibration and an endless initiation.”

From Belgium, Laurine Malengreau trained first as paintor and after as an art historian and was introduced to the technique of Nuno Silk (non-woven mixing silk and wool) by the artist Carmen Escolano in Madrid in 2008. She has been living in the tapestry capital, Aubusson, in France, for more than ten years. Winner of the Artist Innovator prize in 2020 for being the only workshop offering large Nuno Silk artworks, Laurine Malengreau continues the great tradition of wall hangings to the delight of private collectors (France, Belgium, Canada, China, Russia, Saoudi Arabia…) and the international interior design sector.

Bio Author: Laurine Malengreau

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– Winner of the Coup de Coeur prize from the director of the Mobilier National
Institute, at the Gobelins, Paris, 2021
– Winner of the «Artist innovator» prize,  Bordeaux, 2020
– Certificate of artistic merit, the Luxembourg Art Prize, 2020



– Summer exhibition, Hôtel Crillon, Paris.
– Felting Museum, solo show, Mouzon, France
– Holly Hunt Gallery, Londres
– Anne Jacquemin Sablon Gallery, Paris
– Jabert Gallery, Aubusson

– Michaelangelo Foundation, Homo Faber, Venice biennale
– Holly Hunt Gallery, Londres
– Anne Jacquemin Sablon Gallery, Paris
– Jabert Gallery, Aubusson

– Traveling exhibition, Artextures (Bohin factories, Saran Castle,
the Toile de Jouy museum, town hall, Paris 11st)
– Gobelins Gallery, collective exhibition, Matières à l’œuvre, ECAD, Paris
– Collective exhibition, European Felting Days, Felletin

– Cultural centre André Malraux, collective exhibition, Ateliers d’art de France, Agen

– Hèbre Museum, collective exhibition, Ateliers d’art de France, Rochefort
– Luxe et Excellence Showroom, Incredible Art Women, Limoges
– Eglise du Château, collective exhibition, European Felting Days, Felletin

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