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Paulina Ramos

United States

Born in 1993

Joined Artisor: January 2024


Paulina Ramos Moreno (b.1993) is a figurative realist painter. She was born in El Paso, Texas although she spent her entire childhood in Delicias, Mexico, where from an early age she showed a great interest in drawing. Moved by this passion she moved to the United States where she graduated from Arizona State University with a degree in Fine Arts in the category of painting as well as a degree in Psychology. She graduated from both in 2018. Since then she has had several exhibitions in the United States and won various awards such as the prestigious “Arizona Watercolor Association Inc” scholarship award, and the Painting of the Year by “Lux Magazine Creative Review” among others.

In her quest to explore human psychology and delve deeper into artistic techniques, she traveled to Florence, Italy, where she studied at the prestigious Florence Academy of Art under the direction and tutelage of Daniel Graves, Tom Richards, and Angel Ramiro Sanchez. Currently, she continues to expand her artistic output by exploring the technique of the old masters of classical painting, while she makes her way into the art market acquiring private commissions such as skillfully executed portraits.

Paulina Ramos aspires to explore human psychology in her work, applying the fruitful pictorial technique of the European past with the new horizons of the contemporary avant-garde in a constant dialogue between the old and the new and the evolution of the human being.

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