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Robert wee3


Robert Wee

United States

Born in 1927

Joined Artisor: September 2023

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A graduate of the Art Institute of Chicago, Robert Wee usually paints with oil on masonite panels to create his memborable sea and landscapes. Finding the medium to be a versatile one, Robert takes advantage of the many textures he can produce, ranging from smooth and sleek to impasto. The masonite panel allows him to begin with a smooth surface and create the texture with paint by using a heavily loaded brush, a palette knife, or a combination of the two.Through his years of experience, Robert Wee has become more inclined to paint in a bold, loose style, which lends itself well to depicting the constant movement of the ocean. This style can just as readily be applied to landscapes and rivers, foothills and snowcapped peaks.His goal is not to copy nature, but to interpret it. The emotions that move him when he sees a magnificent sky, sun slicing through an ocean wave, a headland emerging through fog, or any number of nature”s scenes, are what he aspires to capture and share with the viewer. “If I can give the viewer the same excitement I felt when I saw the subject, then I have produced a good painting.”Through fine California galleries, Robert wee”s dinstinct works are in private and corporate collections all over the world. Also doing commission work for interior designers, Robert Wee recently did four large originals of the Pismo Beach area for Cliffs Resort.

Bio Author: T.H. Brennen Fine Art

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