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Life On Go


Shane Long

United States

Born in 1987

Joined Artisor: September 2023


Born in Washington state amongst the gloomy clouds and rain, Shane has spent his entire life hiding away indoors creating. He was the black sheep of the family as he didn’t quite see the world like everyone else did. Shane was first published in the Gig Harbor News Tribune at the age of 15 and quickly began to see the years of toiling in his room meant something. Though he was praised for his abilities by friends and family, his experimental attitude was not well received during his time in school. His career in art has flourished and has many accomplishments and many more to come. Shane has been a touring bass player, a tattoo artist since 2013, has done five community outreach murals, and is currently a creative director for Abstrakt. His style and inspiration comes from life outside the norm and his love for philosophy. If there’s something in the room to create with, he will.

Bio Author: STCG

  • Artworks
  • Curriculum Vitae

No current artwork for sale

  • Five community outreach murals
  • Touring bass player (2008-2010)
  • Highest earned Sale $1500 (Beautiful Death)
  • Skateboard Design
  • Creative Director with 50+ production designs

No previous artwork sold