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Tera Bytes

United States

Born in 1999

Joined Artisor: March 2024


Tera Bytes

Throughout my life, I have always been fascinated by what connects us to our higher selves.As well as the exploration of what hides within the shadows of our unexpected corners. I paint myself into existence through each piece of art that I produce. It’s as if I exist a little brighter in this world the more I create.Like splashes of color against the wall.Seeking the answers through dreams, experiences & spirituality…Perhaps seeking answers through each blank canvas.Creation has always intrigued me.Moved through me.Taking shape as art, music & poetry.You would find me as a child, crafting sculptures from the sand & mud of the desert.I remember feeling the power of the hardened earth in my hands.

Now, you can find me with a thousand stories, painting skulls & anything I can find. Staring into sunsets & counting the stars….

Bio Author: Intuitive Forces

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