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Tony Pro

United States

Born in 1973

Joined Artisor: March 2023

Artist Stats

Total pieces for sale: 8

Total pieces sold: 3

Highest price piece sold: $6,000 (The Journey Home)

Average price per square inch: $12


Born in 1973 amidst the landscapes of Northridge, California, Tony Pro’s artistic odyssey was shaped by the tutelage of his father, Julio Pro, a renowned southwest wildlife painter, and his brother Greg, an accomplished illustrator. Graduating from California State University, Northridge, with a degree in Graphic Design, Pro concurrently honed his drawing skills under the mentorship of the late illustrator Glen Orbik (1963-2015). It was during this phase that he imbibed the essence of academic figure drawing, integrating its discipline into his craft. Guided by luminaries like Richard Schmid, he evolved into an adept self-taught painter. Fueled by his parents’ fervor for western art and Native American artifacts, Pro’s affinity for the Old West burgeoned during his upbringing. Childhood voyages to major Western Art exhibitions and artists’ studios, initiated by his parents’ collecting pursuits, planted the seeds of his devotion to the genre. As his father transitioned from collector to creator, the flame of inspiration was kindled, setting Tony on an unwavering path. In 2005, the pinnacle of recognition was reached as Daniel Gerhartz bestowed upon Pro the prestigious Best in Show Award at the 14th Annual Oil Painters of America Show. His prowess was further affirmed through finalist Awards of Honor from the Portrait Society of America Show, culminating in the crowning achievement of the First Place award at the 2014 Portrait Society of America International Competition for his poignant masterpiece, “Last train home.” A chapter of cross-medium artistry unfurled when FOX’s Hell’s Kitchen showcased Pro’s exceptional talent, capturing the essence of 3-Michelin starred chef Gordon Ramsay. Residing in San Antonio, Texas, with his wife Elizabeth and children, Pro’s creative sanctum thrives. His works, profound narratives etched in color, adorn museums and private collections worldwide, testaments to a lifelong devotion to the brush’s dance.

Bio Author: T.H. Brennen Fine Art