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Walter Dusatti


Born in 1930

Joined Artisor: February 2024

Artist Stats

Total pieces sold: 2

Highest price piece sold: $750 (Spring)

Average price per square inch: $3


(1930 – 2012). Walter was born in Turriaco in Italy on September 18th 1930. While Trieste is his Artistic home, he now lives in a cottage near Gorizia. This part of the world was Austrian until 1919 when it became part of Italy. This helps to explain his Cultural Heritage and why his works are popular throughout Italy, Germany and Austria.

Walter, when quite young, became a member of the Trieste art-circle, and he completed his Artistic at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice with a diploma in Painting.

Walter is both successful and modest – he prefers absolute order in his studio and loves a decorative ambience that includes his own works of Still life studies, antique books, pharmacy pots and a subtle arrangement of Artefacts and Antiques.

He realises that in today’s world, many people like soothing works and this is what he strives to achieve. Indeed he calls his style “Nostalgic Realism”.

Not only does he paint flowers and still life subjects, but also landscapes, often with a foggy aspect and/or with trains and much steam.

In his time he has exhibited in at important Galleries in Milan, Varese, Bergamo, Trieste, Udine, Jesolo, Merano, Gorizia, Gradisca, Ronchi, Monfalcone, Mestre, and Pordenone. His works are on permanent exhibition at Several Galleries in Vienna and at our Galleries in England.

Bio Author: T.H. Brennen Fine Art

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