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This painting is part of the 18th Annual International Guild of Realism Show in Scottsdale, AZ being hosted by T.H. Brennen Fine Art.

Dappled Light



34 H x 38 W in

I am drawn to paint subject matter that exhibits strong value contrasts, beautiful color

associations and compound textures, whether it be landscape, figurative, architectural,

still life or even abstracts.

I love to capture natural “edges” in my work. The edge of a sharp boulder against a soft

radiant sky is one example. Another “edge” might be in the juxtaposition of cool and

warm light at the edge of night and day. I also love color. I even like to just look at color

charts, paint chips or color wheel to become reinvigorated about art in general.

Much of my realistic work is narrative; grounded on a foundation of my own experience.

A close inspection of some of my work will reveal multiple levels of meaning. My usual

practice is to make field sketches and record with a camera, then complete the piece in

the studio.

Some of my less realistic works show evidence of the distillation of recognizable places

and characteristics of landscape form into their very basic elements using value and

color along with gestural brushwork to suggest features of the subject as a further

derivation of an ongoing process to create an empathetic perceptual relationship

between the viewer and the memory or recognition of “place”. For these works, I like to

subordinate traditional landscape form in favor of a visceral perceptual manipulation that

invites the viewer to address their personal identification of “place” while looking

through, perhaps, unfamiliar perceptual filters. Unlike Nature, the closer the viewer is to

the “object”, the painting in question in this case, the more obscure the details become.

For my purely abstract works, I generally like to create a post-narrative assemblage of a

minimalist distillation of natural disparate elements “reformatted” and manifested in abstract

gestural brushstrokes, utilizing color and value as topical communication vehicles thus

enhancing visual discourse.

My general practice for much of my art is to immerse myself within my subject,

landscapes in many cases, in order to translate and manifest my derivative perceptions

into a single piece or series of artworks while at the same time leaving compositional

elements loose but still, at varying levels, subjugated to the physicality of geologic,

geographic, and environmental hierarchies.

As a professional artist, I do not limit myself to landscapes and Nature alone, but I do

find deep satisfaction in continuing the work of “creating” that is going on all about us

within the natural world.

I have been enjoying producing commercial art and fine art for over 45 years to

date. My other related activities include designing and building museum exhibits.

I have been involved in about 75 museums that contains something of my artworkor creative input including murals, dioramas, sculpture, artifact reproductions,

graphics, photographs, illustrations, exhibit text writing, artifact mounts,

conservation education and more. Some of my museum work may be found on

my website: www.tallgrassmuseumservices.com

As of late, I have been expanding my oeuvre into the digital and cyber world of creativity

and exploring my own personal creative limitations with the goal of breaking down both

self and culturally imposed boundaries in order to push my creative development past

traditional artistic foundational underpinnings, thus positing my future work in a form of

creative ascendency.

I hope you enjoy my artwork. Thank you

Seller: I.G.O.R. Show in Scottsdale




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About the artwork

Medium Details





This painting is part of the 18th Annual International Guild of Realism Show in Scottsdale, AZ being hosted by T.H. Brennen Fine Art.

About the artist

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Randall William Bennett - United States

Mr. Bennett is the Owner and Director of Tall Grass Museum Services located in Lawrence, Kansas, USA. Tall Grass is a design and fabrication firm...

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