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Sherry Mason

Sherry Mason, an award-winning artist based in East Tennessee, finds her muse in the interplay of light across landscapes, waterways, and the heavens above. Her devotion to the natural world infuses her artistry, leading her to paint en plein air for initial studies before refining her pieces in the studio. Sherry’s technical prowess has been honed through a personal artistic journey, enriched by the guidance of master painters like Joseph McGurl and Bill Farnsworth, whose workshops she attended.   She also credits John MacDonald, Ken Salaz, John Pototschnik and other contemporary artists whose DVDs she has immensely studied.
Despite pursuing a B.S. in pharmacy rather than a formal art education, Sherry’s passion for painting remains undimmed. She continues to learn from nature itself, while also drawing inspiration from revered artists like those of the Hudson River School. Sherry extends her expertise through mentorships conducted both in-person and online, hosting workshops at her home and various locations throughout the year. Alongside her teaching endeavors, she participates in group exhibitions nationwide and boasts a solo show to her credit. Specializing in oil landscapes, Sherry’s artistry extends to capturing the subtle nuances of light on diverse subjects. Her signature style, characterized by a soft sfumato technique, blends impressionistic realism with luminous, atmospheric qualities, eliciting a sense of wonder in those who behold her works. Sherry’s paintings grace collections across the United States, each one illuminating the beauty she finds in the world around her.

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